Bank Transfers from Majestri

Tuesday is the best day of the week when you're hooked up with Majestri. With any luck you'll have a whole heap of online activity and plenty of credit/debit card and BPay payments flowing through the system. Tuesday's the day when Majestri passes on those proceeds directly into your bank account (minus merchant charges). Expect to get a notification mailed to you as well to confirm this. We call this whole process the "Majestri Payment Run".

Even better, your site provides you a complete history of all of these transfers and you can drill in to any specific Payment Run and see all the detail of the exact transactions and charges that happened in that week.


From the Financials tab in the Control Room, locate the button highlighted below.

Bank Transfers

Show me the Money!!

Click on that button and you'll be presented with the entire history of Bank Transfers that we've made to you.

Each date is hyperlinked to allow you to drill into that particular week and see the transactions that happened in great detail:
Bank Transfers Detail Full

Above the grid and to the right you'll see this link:
Bank Transfers Detail

This link shows the progress for the current week (ie. The transfer will happen on the next Tuesday).
Bank Transfers Unprocessed

In the granular view of all the transactions, you'll notice that a person's name is hyperlinked and also the amount of the transaction. These links will show you a person's MyDetails screen, and a popup of how that payment was allocated respectively:
Bank Transfers Unprocessed Detail